Monetize: The true definition

 Monetize (v)

To make money out of what other people do. To delude oneself that one is part of the capitalist class without creating equity or investing either money or sweat.


Economics: The true definition

Economics (n)

A set of reverse intelligence tests designed to weed people with intellectual discipline and capabilities out of the academic field. The higher the level at which economics is studied, the more studied and contrived the cognitive dissonance contained within.

Random entry from Dave’s Dictionary of Modern Terminology

Conspiracy Theory (n) ~

A pseudo-intellectual construct designed to account for the discrepancy between a person’s beliefs and reality.

Conspiracy theories are a well known phenomenon of modern life, and are usually a reaction to the appearance of unhelpful information. That is information that contradicts assumptions upon which the person receiving it wishes to act. One of the major conspiracy theories coined in the 1960s was that NASA never put a man on the moon. The motive for doing this by and large consisted of a residual belief among some Christians and other subscribers to Abrahamic beliefs that the Earth was some very special place, created by God, for the purposes of Mankind, and that it was, to this end, a) flat and b) the only place it was possible to live.

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